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  • Basic Rider Course 5/28/2004-5/30/2004
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    A 1993 Suzuki GS500E.

    Harley Davidson Sportster 1200

    Over the weekend of 5/21/2005 I was in San Diego visiting my friend James. While there we decided to go riding, so I ended up renting a Harley Davidson Sportser 1200 motorcycle. I had never riden a Harley (although I did spent some time on a Buell which is a subsidiary of HD), so I wasn't sure what to expect. Rather liked the experience. May just have to pick me up one of these. As they say in Ferris Bueller "Plus, and I must be honest here, I love driving it. I highly recommend picking one up."

    The bike of my dreams

    While in vacation in Ft Lauderdale, I ended up riding around on the back of Jim's Honda CBR600F3. Nice bike. And I like being passenger, but I also like driving. So I ended up renting a Buell XB12R Firebolt from the Pompano Harley Davidson. $99+LDW later I was on the road on this sweet sweet piece of machinery.
    Note: If you go to rent a bike from a Harley dealer - be prepared. I was offended by their offering of a beanie (not even a skull cap) to wear for protection while riding. Being the full-face kinda guy I am, I ended up having to purchase a nice HJC Symax helmet to wear. Moral of the story - take your helmet with you on vacation.
    So I had heard all the descriptions of what the buell's sound like (a 30 year old maytag washing mashine, a 5hp briggs and stratton engine with half it's bolts out...) but i wasn't prepared for how ugly and beautiful it sounded. At idle the firebolt sounds like it's about to die a horrible death. If my GS500E made those noises on startup I'd take it out behind the barn and shoot it. In fact - I had a guy in a Porsche pull up to me and tell me my bike "sounded like sh*t". What he didn't know what that beneath those thumping "potatoe-potatoe" sounds was an engine that can kick ass.
    In retrospect I treated this bike like my GS500E - which means that the throttle actions i used to scoot across intersections just ahead of cars on my bike - ended up putting me to the next intersection before anyone else had even moved 5 feet.
    So what's to like about this bike? What's to not like? So would I buy one? Oh yeah. Actually I almost had to ride one back from Florida. The HD dealer had an 03 XB9R with race kit and was going to give me a great price on it. Unfortunately my insurance rate is currently a little high on it - so I'll be waiting til I turn 25 to buy a Firebolt.